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Odd News: Chikan Subway Gropers Beware!

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So, Japan (a 143,619 sq mile island) has a huge population of over 125+ million citizens and therefore the country is extremely overcrowded. This overcrowding, apparently, is also ideal for perverts who want to grope women. In Japan, a man who commits such an act is called a chikan, and they tend to perform such acts on the subway trains. I’ve been to Japan twice, and I’ve never noticed anything like it. Apparently, there are message boards where these chikans decide on a time and a place to “mass grope” women. At any rate, Japan Railways has tried to circumvent this problem by making “female only” cars and installing video cameras. Also, Japan is actually considered one of the safest countries. Is this “groping” not a safety concern? WTF!?


Written by Vinny Kumar

May 21, 2010 at 4:04 am

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